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Welcome to Series X3 New South Wales Inc., where racing passion meets affordability! Established in 2015, our club emerged with a vision to enhance state series standards, creating an accessible entry point for Hyundai Excel Series X3 Race Vehicles under Motorsport Australia and AASA.

Our category centers around Hyundai Excel X3 models (manufactured between 01/07/1994 and 31/06/2000), fostering healthy competition across GX, GL, LX, GLX, and Sprint iterations. Embracing the spirit of fair play, our vehicles adhere to strict Motorsport Australia regulations, focusing on a driver's skill and car setup rather than horsepower or hefty wallets.

Rev up your journey with a base vehicle, typically with 120,000 to 280,000 kilometers on Australian roads, available for a modest $500 to $1500.

Our cost-effective approach allows for vehicle modifications within Series X3 New South Wales Inc. regulations. Ensure your ride meets mandatory Motorsport Australia safety requirements, including a six-point safety cage and race harness, for race events.

Embark on your racing adventure with us—where passion, competition, and affordability converge!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events